vanessa mona hellmann.
video. photography. art direction.
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Freedom is doing the things you love.

Mel Rice of Mel Rice Ceramica

Makers Portraits is a video series featuring artists and visionaries, pursuing a hands-on craft in the SF bay area.

Wood worker and installation artist Aleksandra Zee
Assistant Camera: Sam Heller

Lapidary artist Mariele Ivy of YOUNG IN THE MOUNTAINS

Erin Fong and Taylor Reid of Western Editions

Heather and Carissa of People I've Loved

Designer Isobel Schofield of Bryr

Anna and Lenore of Three Babes Bakeshop
Assistant Camera: Sam Heller

Matt Katsaros of Flint Outdoors
Music: Connor Schmidt

Director/DP: Vanessa Hellmann
Producer: Vanessa Hellmann
On-location sound recordist and production assistant: Brad Zwakenberg

Video Editor: Vanessa Hellmann
Post-production sound editor: Madalyn Fernandez